My previous training felt like an overview, just generalized information lacking in depth details. After having a friend express how great this training was for her and meeting and discussing the training at the social meet up I felt like it was the right choice


I have been interested in a new and more fulfilling career path. I’m interested in the beautiful process of birth, and would love to experience as many first hand births as possible. I have the utmost respect for women for bringing babies into the world, something I am unable to do. I believe it is amazing that a mother is able to house a child in her womb and deliver a baby into the world. I adore learning new skills and learning as much as I can, so I am excited to soak up as much knowledge as I can!


Working with Jen and Brittany was a great and very helpful experience. As a new doula, I learned different skills and Knowledge about being a doula. Brittany and Jen were very personable, open, and able to answer any questions the collective had. I’ve gained confidence and more of an understanding of what my role of a doula should be. Without a doubt I know I could reach out to them if I ever had any questions and/or concerns.


I decided to invest because I want quality training and sometimes that means investing in your education. I plan to make a difference in the lives of women and this is the way I see it happening, through helping women during this precious time in their life. I am serious about becoming a and that is why it wasn’t hard deciding to invest in the training and education. The doulas that are training are experienced and established doulas in the area and I know there is so much to learn from them.


As a new doula walking blindly into the birth world here in Jacksonville, I had no idea what I was doing. After taking the DONA certification course I realized just how competitive doula work actually is. Between fair rates and open availability and a well-known name, I knew I couldn’t do it alone. Jen made her presence on the last day of my doula training as she described what Mumda was and what they offered to the community. I briefly introduced myself and quickly RSVP’d for a spot at the doula meetup that was being held a couple weeks later. It was there that I was able to speak my vision into the present and start to pave my way into the birth world. More of the mumda team was there and that’s when I met Brit. Right off the bat, they had ideas for my future that helped me see my path. I was accepted into the program which has opened so many doors thanks to the guidance of my now friend and mentor, Brittany. We’ve gone through hands on training sessions that have given all of us a deep toolbox of techniques to bring to birth. We’ve also been given the opportunity to shadow births so that we can see and be in the experience while it unfolds. Jen has provided me with the space to grow and learn, while offering her studio and practice as a tool for me and my clients. Brittany has extended her arms and opened my eyes to the limitless possibilities that are waiting just around the corner. They have both shown me what it means to feel empowered and help empower. I truly value and honor what it means to work with Mumda, just as I truly feel grateful for the experience to work around so many strong women


I’m ready to dive into this industry and have the passion, just lack the confidence and knowledge on how to go about it, and I feel being surrounded by like minded, successful woman will help me beyond anything I can do on my own.


There’s no doubt that Jennifer and Brittany are powerful doulas and so much more. When I felt nervous and unable, they stepped in and made me feel empowered and knowledgeable. The training I received through the program helped me walk into my first birth ready to rock it! I know that through it all, I can always count on them to provide insight and support. I cannot thank them enough for mentoring me along this journey and encouraging me to walk in my purpose.


Working with Jen and Brit has been a very rewarding life experience. I thought I knew what a doula was coming into the program but I didn’t know what a doula truly was until I met Jen and Brit. Jen has taught me the importance of physical body and the importance of taking care of yourself and building yourself up for the act of having a baby. To be a warrior during labor you must build your body to be a warrior for labor.  Brit has taught me with firmness and love you can help a mother get through one of the most challenging parts of life.  If you have a plan she will make sure that plan works for you in the best way. With a balance of firmness and love you can get through any part of having a baby. Together they have given me the confidence to become a better person in life in general I may have fears but I know I can get through anything and I can teach these mommies to get through anything.  They hold your hand up to a point and then they let you go, they know Exactly the right moment to let you go and you can be the best part of you you can be. I owe them both so much gratitude for everything they’ve done for me.  They are both always there for you when you need them and for that I am also grateful. They connected me with a tribe of women that I would not want to be without. I owe you many many thank you Jen and Brit all that you’ve done for me.